photo by Heirloom Photography 2018

photo by Heirloom Photography 2018



I am Courtney Cave-Perry, or CCP. I am the Education Director and founding member of The Arts Asylum, mother of 3 girls, a visual artist and fashion accessory designer.

A dear friend once said to me “remember, we live a magic life”. I try to call on this everyday, even when life doesn’t feel so magical. In our house, we do “pows and wows” every night at dinner. This helps me acknowledge the magic (and not so magic) moments I get to share with my family and friends.

What I am not so good at is sharing those moments with myself; holding myself accountable for celebrating them in a way that is meaningful and allows others to know how proud I am of my life, my family and the incredible relationships I am lucky to have. I am also an advocate for talking about the not so magic life… and let’s be real, I have 3 kids so there is a lot of mess. So let’s share in our pows and wows, let’s talk about magic, let’s share the nasty, the sad, the angry and the amazing. Let’s do it out loud, and with purpose, or just stop by and look at the pretty pictures, that’s ok too.