word vomit.

I am going to jump right in… that seems more natural than some strange introduction like “who am I, this is what I like, and here is what you can expect on my blog”.

In actuality, there are like 1 billion things that gross me out about that sentence and at the top of that list is “my blog”. Full disclosure, I have no idea what I am doing. I have no clue what you can expect, because I have no idea what to expect. Word vomit most likely.

I have things and words and thoughts and opinions and they are all swirling around in my head at pretty much every moment of every day. I want to talk about those things. I want to be honest and real and talk about things that matter. I will probably also talk about things that don’t matter. I will for sure talk about motherhood, and what raising children while wrestling with my mental illness is like. I will talk about how amazing and terrible motherhood can be, cause its both, and anyone who tells you it isn’t is lying to you. I might talk about my job, or my family, or marriage, or friendship. I will talk about art, love, creation and community. I will most certainly talk about the current state of our country, our world… what its like to raise a child in “Trump’s America”.

My life is magic, it is its own special unicorn that will, occasionally, shit all over the house. It is filled with laughter and joy, unusual stories, incredible friendships, sadness, darkness, and all the things that no one wants to talk about.