House of Cochon is a Kansas City based accessories design house specializing in statement jewelry for the runway.   

Kansas City Fashion Week- Featured designer for seasons s/s2012, f/w2012, s/s2013, f/w2013, s/s2014, s/s2015, f/w2015, f/w2017

Fashion on the Fringe- Director of Kansas City Fringe Festival Fashion component and designer with the show from 2009-2014

Models on a Mission- Charity fashion show featured designer 2013.

Artopia with The Pitch - featured designer and producer 2012 & 2013

RAW Kansas City- featured designer for 2 showcases and RAW designer of the year 2012

Mayhem in the Crossroads- Charity Fashion show designer and producer. May 2011 & 2012

Nightworld 2010- featured designer November 2010

Blue Summer Eclectic- Charity Fashion show designer and producer. May 2010

Collections and Inspirations

Pink Collection- a collection built to create our brand based on our logo design.  The collection was created from shades of pink, black, white and silver and was shown on the runway in 2009.

Crystallized Leather- our first cohesive collection which would define our crystal style.  A mix of blues, black leather and large crystals along side custom hats, fascinators, and headpieces.  Shown on the runway in 2010 and again featured in our retrospective for RAW KC.

Nightworld- a morbidly gorgeous collaboration with designer Casey MacNamara, makeup artist Andrew Chambers, and hair designer Alan Dunham interpreting different forms of death by glamour.

Elements- a collection built for the KC Fringe 2011 runway show inspired by the elements earth, wind, fire, and water.

Victorian Bathing- out first swimwear collection based on the intricate lines of Victorian corsetry and playing with our theatrical background. 

Pollock- inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock, this collection was a fun (and sparkly) take on his iconic work.

Tribal- using a mix of wood, rhinestone work, and crystal beads, this collection took inspiration from traditional tribal collars and chest plates, with an HOC twist.

Fibers- for this collection we tried our hand at dying and played with the juxtaposition of crystals with fibers such as yarn, hardware, and jersey knits.

Gatsby- a fun 4 piece collection of belts and necklaces inspired by The Great Gatsby for a charity fashion show benefitting tornado relief.

Lichtenstein- always inspired by visual artists, we used the work of Roy Lichtenstein to create a pop art collection of acrylic necklaces paired with our second swimwear line.

Back to Black- we believe that black is always, so we found our inspiration in the dark and still sparkly to produce our version of a raven and its cages.

Zebrawood- nature and textures are always a place from where we draw inspiration.  For this collection we dyed, painted, enameled pieces of exotic hardwood and paired it with natural stones.  The collection also featured hand knit and embroidered pieces in shades of navy with bright pops of color.

Mandala- for this collection we were inspired by the ancient art of Tibetan Sand Mandalas and their sacred geometry.  We hand painted one of a kind mandalas and then bezel set them in leather and strung them with hand dyed silk.  For this collection we also created leather wrap sandals.

Butterflies - inspired by the passing of a dear friend and the life cycle of a butterfly.

All accessories were handmade by Courtney Perry.  All swimwear was made by Amanda Burkhart.  Hair and makeup provided by Andrew Chambers, Jessica Alcorn with SunRae Hair designs, and JMay & Co.  Studio images photographed by Ann K Brown and Dusti Cunningham. Runway photography provided by Kansas City Fashion Week official Photography Team members.

Models include:  Amanda Burkhart, Miko Richardson, Fatemeh Ghazaei, Bridget Angles, Emily Peerbolt, Kristina Milewski, Sanay Alexander, Ashley Otis, Linzy Anna, Naomi Richardson, Mariah Henry, Johanna Brooks, Amanda Kronk, Callie Zeveke, and Cinthia Rosales.